date and place of creation

Sept. 2016 > jan.2017

Start > Cité des Arts

[Bel Air Claviers Festival de Chambéry]

Completion > Hôtel Pasteur

[les Dimanches à Rennes]



10 upright pianos (keyboards)

1 mechanical piano

1 grand piano

2 violins (headstocks)

2 cellos (headstocks)

2 double basses (headstocks)

2 drum sticks

2 bows (buttons)

common name

Colorado potato beetle



The colorado potato beetle originated in the americas and was accidently brought to france in 1917.


Has 10 black stripes along the length of its yellow elytra. the larvae change from orange-red to dark red during their development, before becoming nymphs in the soil.


Both larvae and adults are strictly herbivore and only eat plant leaves from the solanaceae family, with a major preference for potatoes, to which they can cause great damage.