date and place of creation

July 2017 > sept.2017

Start > Maison Folie



4 tubas

1 trombone

10 trumpets + 1 cornet

2 nafirs + 2 clarinets

2 mutes (trombones)

6 drums

2 harmoniums (slats)

1 upright piano + 1 player piano

1 metronome

1 violin

1 accordion (bellows)

common name

Trichognathus marginipennis



This ground beetle is the only species in the trichognathus genus. It lives in south america in an intertropical zone to the east of the andes.


The genus name refers to its hairy mouthparts and its species name to its yellow-edged elytra (from margo meaning border and pennate meaning wing). the head and thorax are a yellow-brown colour and the elytra dark green. measures 1.6 to 1.8 cm long.


Adults and larvae are predators that hunt on the sandy banks of rivers and streams in grasslands or forests after sunset. the exact nature of their prey is unknown.