date and place of creation

April 2016

Ecomusée du pays de Rennes

During Les Dimanches à Rennes


7 drums

1 tambourine

2 speakers

5 clarinets

8 cellos

common name

European oil beetle


The european oil beetle has a complex life cycle. when the larvae hatch, they climb into a flower to try and attach themselves to a solitary bee that has come to collect pollen. The larva is then transported to the bee’s nest where it feeds on one of the bee’s eggs and the pollen and nectar it has collected.


Approx. 3 cm in length as an adult has very short elytra and a soft, developed abdomen.


As an adult, it lives in grassy areas where the females lay their eggs.


Herbivore as an adult. when disturbed, the insect can secrete blood at various places from its body.