date and place of creation

Worshop [Orgères]



1 mandolin

2 synthesizers (stands)

1 guitar (headstock + mechanism)

1 guitar (grain)

3 trumpets (pistons)

1 piano (damper pedals)

common name

Raft spider



The dolomedes fimbriatus is a spider.


The raft spider measures 1 to 2 cm in length, with females larger than males.



It lives near water in boggy areas and is capable of diving and breathing underwater thanks to air bubbles trapped between its hairs. It can also walk on water.


Like all spiders, it is a predator and feeds on the prey it hunts. It places its front legs on the water surface in order to detect any animals moving around nearby, such as dragonflies or tadpoles, which it catches by running across the water.